How To Disable AllJoyn Router Service In Windows 10

Disable AllJoyn Router Service

Do you ever notice the AllJoyn name on the list of running services on the background of Windows 10? Do you want to know how to disable AllJoyn router service on your Windows machine? If you do, pretty sure that you wondered what it is doing there or what it is for.Disable AllJoyn Router Service

I myself have been curious about it since I first saw it a while back. Since I have not seen such service before, my initial reaction was that my Windows 10 is probably compromised because I certainly did not install that on my own. It just suddenly appeared when I was trying to disable some unwanted services in the background.

And since I am familiar with the services that are useful and not so useful in my activities using Windows 10 OS, I know what service to disable or change to manual. And then there it is. I checked on the internet what it is and I found out that has something to do with the communication.

What is AllJoyn Router Service?

The AllJoyn router service, according to my brief research, is not a malicious thing or software. So now that we have that out of the way. What is it exactly?

Well, according to Microsoft, it is an open-source software created by AllSeen Alliance. It is the one responsible for establishing a connection from one device to another. It makes communication a lot easier and faster between devices that have different hardware and different software.

In a short description, it is an agent of IoT or Internet of Things. The communication between all devices in the world is made possible within the Windows 10 platform using the AllJoyn router service. Whenever you perform a small networking task on your windows computer like if you log in at 192.168.l.l, you use this service. The service can establish seamless interoperability especially for business entities such as customers and suppliers.

How to Disable Alljoyn Router Service


Before we head straight on how to disable the AllJoyn router service, we must first answer the most important question—is it really safe to disable?

The answer is “Yes” but only if you have no use for it. And by use, I mean that if it is not related to anything you do, then that should be fine. If your Windows computer is not used in corporate areas then you should be fine. Or if your computer is not used for device sharing in a network such as an account and file syncing, then you are also good to go.

If your sole purpose for your computer is for internet browsing and gaming only, the AllJoyn router service has nothing to do with you. So with regards to disabling the service, you can now continue to the instruction.


  1. First thing is to open the Start menu. To do this, press Windows logo on your keyboard and go to Search option. On the blank bar type Services. Items that have Services name will appear. Choose the first one. Windows usually prioritize its native features on the search list.
  2. The Services window will now pop-up and sure enough, the AllJoyn router service is there. Double-click on it to open a new window.
  3. On the General tab, look for the Startup Type. Click on it and you will see the options such as Automatic (Delayed start), Automatic, Manual, and Disabled.Disable AllJoyn
  4. Since we are here to disable the AllJoyn, choose that option. You can go for Manual as well if you do not want to entirely disable the feature. With Manual, the service is still there but will still be able to function only when triggered. But if you really do not want it running in your background, the Disabled option will do.
  5. Hit Apply after you have chosen an option then close the window. That’s it.

In Conclusion

For those people wondering about the purpose of disabling the AllJoyn router service, the reason is simple. If you have no use for the service, it might as well turn off. The resource that is spent on such service can be used to other services that really matter to you. This is most beneficial if you have a low-end machine and every little percentage of RAM and CPU processes are crucial to what you are doing.

It’s not only the AllJoyn router service that you should disable. There are a lot more in the background that you might find useless to you. Do a little research and you find that a ton of services that you do not need is consuming up your hardware juice. If you want to discuss that, shout it out in the comment section and we will publish an article for that as well.

If you have other questions, just leave a message in the comment section and we will respond to it as soon as we can. If you find this article helpful, do not forget to share it so that we can help other people as well. – Web Valuer Team

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